Life for African Mothers

We attended a meeting on Monday 15th July at The Temple of Peace in Cardiff with midwives from around the country interested in working in Sierra Leone or Liberia to improve the outcomes for mothers and neonates. The charity Life for African Mothers has secured substantial funding from Nestle to assist with trying to achieve these improvements and we are all keen to work together and pool our experience and skills.
The plan is to send regular groups of midwives, and other medical personnel when available, to Lumley Governement Hospital in Freetown to deliver workshops and practical support during their normal working day. We will respond to need as it arises or is requested so the midwives feel empowered and able to cascade training wherever possible. By working alongside other charities precious skills resouces are utilised to their full potential and the midwives and mothers of Sierra Leone obtain the maximum benefit from our efforts.
We are planning to go in October of this year and in March of next year. Other groups will go between times to consolidate learning and build on what is already established. By offering more support and access to skilled U.K. workers we hope to expediate the improvement in care offered at LGH.