24 hour crossfit WODathon

2 weeks since the 24 hour WODathon!! 💪🏽👊🏽🏋🏽

I can officially announce that we have raised £1202.20 for The African Maternity Link!

The support you have all given to our little charity has been amazing! Thank you all so much! It was a great event, so much fun, so successful and I didn’t expect it at all! The next trips will be in October/November! (It’s rainy season now) so keep updated on our progress! We keep contact whilst in the UK too and the work doesn’t stop just because we are not in Sierra Leone! Once again thank you all so much..Until next year 😳

(Look out for our next events..We have a valentines ball next Feb..If anyone would like to become monthly donators via direct debit just give us a shout) ☮