Report on November 2016 follow up visits

The African Maternity Link

Sierra Leone- November 2016


This trip is planned as a feedback and evaluation follow up, concluding October’s workshops.

Whilst workshops are a great teaching tool here in Sierra Leone, bridging the gap between theory and practice and making sure our teachings are being implemented in the clinics and hospitals is an essential means to reducing the maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity rate.

Healthcare professionals who have attended our workshops we hope have cascaded their training to others in their unit. It is essential to visit the units to establish their support network, systems, and supervision and to assess what needs they have. Many small units may not have vital equipment needed, space or staff to facilitate midwifery to a basic standard. Many units have one midwife with healthcare assistants and students supporting them. Some have no midwife at all. These women do assist at deliveries and need to be taught a basic level of midwifery regarding obstetric emergencies and neonatal resuscitation.


Travelling personnel

Oli Jeacock- NHS midwife

Michelle Johnstone- NHS midwife


Aims of the trip

  • To follow up 16 units whom attended workshops in August and have not received follow up yet
  • To follow up units/maternity staff who have been identified as key link workers/mentors.
  • Deliver neonatal resuscitation training
  • Observe units availability of emergency equipment and designated neonatal resuscitation area
  • Attend meetings and liaising with other NGO organisations to plan future work, feedback on the programme enrolled currently and to establish any areas for improvement within our programme
  • Attain feedback from previous workshops and ascertain whether training has been cascaded.
  • Observe practice in chosen units if time allows
  • Discuss the use of the partogram and whether using it is making a difference as to whether small units refer in to PCMH sooner.

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Follow up visits

We are currently in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The purpose of this trip is to provide follow up visits to those units who have undertaken training with us during our October workshops, and facilitate neonatal resuscitation teaching by the use of aids, discussion and role play.

So far- so good! We have managed to visit three units per day, accompanied by our charity liase Morlai, and firstly we have been really impressed with the cleanliness and order within the facilities. The Ebola crisis brought a huge infection prevention and control programme into place, and it is so fantastic to see the same systems in place one year later. Every unit visited to date utilises clean water, soapy water and 0.5% chlorine water to maintain cleanliness and sanitation, as well as inviting every person to wash their hands thoroughly before entering the unit.

We are always received in a friendly manner, especially by those who recognise us from our previous workshops. Midwives, healthcare professionals and even doctors are so keen to learn, refresh knowledge and even cascade skills learned to their colleagues- which is so positive.

For the purpose of this trip, we have used a realistic training aid named ‘Baby Anne’ to facilitate hands on resuscitation of the newborn. By ensuring healthcare professionals in Sierra Leone have access to regular training sessions and workshops, as we do in the UK, our aim is to help improve maternity services and care provision wherever possible; improving mother and infant mortality and morbidity.

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