October Trip 2017

A successful trip this October to SL. We facilitated two sets of two day workshops. One in Freetown and one in Waterloo, aiming to engage attendees from Western urban and western rural areas. These were very successful! We hope that you have enjoyed all of the photos and updates on social media! We have been to 14 units to follow up and managed to include another two new units into our remit, now equalling approximately 48 units we work with in this area. We have received donations from World Medical Relief of equipment and two new delivery beds (sent to Kroo bay and Calaba town), donations from some of our UK hospitals that we work in and finally once again we were supported by AYK trading in Sierra Leone who provided a car and driver for our trip.


Keep updated for the report and updated photograph gallery on the website shortly! 🙂


We are still campaigning for monthly donars. Any consistent amount makes an incredible difference to The African Maternity Link and the people of Sierra Leone, whether it be £5, £10 or £20 per month, it all will make a huge difference so please do get in touch via theafricanmaternitylink@gmail.com or get in touch via messenger on one of our social media sites.