Donations welcome :-)

As most of you know who follow our story. We are a very small self funded charity, compromising of UK midwives who run the charity and give up their annual leave to come to Sierra Leone and teach these wonderful midwives, nurses, healthcare assistants and sometimes doctors. Without fundraising donations and regular monthly donors this work is not possible. Consistent input is what is needed to make real changes to the maternal and neonatal morbidity and morality rates here.

Imagine living in a country where you don’t say ‘congratulations’ on becoming pregnant but instead ‘good luck’ for you don’t know if you or your baby will survive pregnancy, labour or post birth. In fact you have a 1:21 chance of dying in labour and your baby has 1:5 chance.

We are helping to change these awful statistics. 4 years ago it was 1:8, so change is possible! We teach, update, train staff as well as support them professionally where we can. We work with the ministry of health and the midwifery schools here to provide evidenced based training to a variety of clinics and community level units, ensuring early referrals are made and midwifery skills are increased.

Please think about becoming a regular monthly donor. As little as £5-10 a month could ensure our work continues as regularly as possible! Monthly donations can be set up using our charity account details as well as one off donations. However you can also use our just giving page, or how about thinking of fundraising for us??

Message us to find out more on how you can help.

Everyone is equal. Its a life postcode lottery. We are all human. Help us help them today and save lives through education and training. 💟💟💟

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