October trip report 2017

A successful trip compromising of two, two day workshops in Freetown and Waterloo. Follow up visits were also done to establish working relationships between units and to find out information on cascading of training and working environments. Please see HERE to see the report, complete with many pictures!


We have two volunteers who left yesterday for Freetown and Bo so be sure to keep an eye out on social media for updates and pictures!

October Trip 2017

A successful trip this October to SL. We facilitated two sets of two day workshops. One in Freetown and one in Waterloo, aiming to engage attendees from Western urban and western rural areas. These were very successful! We hope that you have enjoyed all of the photos and updates on social media! We have been to 14 units to follow up and managed to include another two new units into our remit, now equalling approximately 48 units we work with in this area. We have received donations from World Medical Relief of equipment and two new delivery beds (sent to Kroo bay and Calaba town), donations from some of our UK hospitals that we work in and finally once again we were supported by AYK trading in Sierra Leone who provided a car and driver for our trip.


Keep updated for the report and updated photograph gallery on the website shortly! 🙂


We are still campaigning for monthly donars. Any consistent amount makes an incredible difference to The African Maternity Link and the people of Sierra Leone, whether it be £5, £10 or £20 per month, it all will make a huge difference so please do get in touch via theafricanmaternitylink@gmail.com or get in touch via messenger on one of our social media sites.

The WODathon update!!

I am so proud to be able to say that the WODathon 2017 has officially raised £2443.01 for The African Maternity Link. Through sheer hard work and great support from all at Crossfit Cheltenham we have managed to raise a staggering amount. A huge difference will be made to all those in Sierra Leone. We will be able to facilitate some incredibly important workshops with this money, allowing us to continue our work on a regular basis, ensuring our 3 monthly visits are also met. Thank you to all who sponsored and supported us again this year!

Boston Tea Party!!

Very exciting news! Boston tea party Cheltenham are the newest sponsors of The African Maternity Link. Not only are they going to be supporting our events with raffle prizes, donations and plenty of cake and juice, they will be raising money for us every other month with their in house music nights! Soooo watch this space on our events page to hear all about attending.


If you know anyone who would like to become a sponsor then please do get in touch! We are very grateful for the kind hearts of all 🙂

July charity of the month!

Great news for us! We have been appointed July charity of the month with UK award winning parenting and support network site Cheltenham Maman. 10% of their profits this month will be heading our way to help the Mamans of Sierra Leone, whether through education and training or through buying some much needed equipment, we have yet to decide how to spend this little bit of extra cash! We are very lucky to have been chosen to be supported by such a well known network! Its great publicity for us too! Read our blog article up on their website http://cheltenhammaman.co.uk/charity-of-the-month/ and enjoy reading a little more about what is like for the midwives of Sierra Leone and what we do to help them! Check out Cheltenhammaman on Facebook too!

March 2017 trip report

Once again a fantastic trip. A trip to Bo and some fantastic news; The new midwifery school, is opening up there at the end of the year! Keep your eyes peeled for future trips there! A visit to Magboroka, Mekeni and the midwifery school there too, as well as visits to Freetown and Waterloo! Very busy indeed!

Have a read of the report and a look at the pictures here

Thank you all for supporting us. The next planned trip is the beginning of May. The next event is coming up soon. If you would like to attend our fundraising events, support us or fundraise for us then do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Latest trip to SL (March)

We are currently in Sierra Leone visiting areas up country (rather than in the main city) where we could extend our work area. Branching out to areas less fortunate than the main city is essential for the growth of good midwifery practice in the whole of Sierra Leone. We are mainly focusing on Bo and Magboroka which are areas nearer the middle of the country. Keep updated with our Facebook and Instagram accounts! Our report will be available shortly after our return. Within the next few weeks!

Robin Woolgar Photography

As those of you who came last night to the the ball will have seen, we have an amazing collection of photographs that have been taken over many trips to Sierra Leone. In Feb 16 Robin Woolgar photography joined us on our trip and took some absolutely stunning images.

We are pleased to offer new edition prints from this collection in a variety of sizes, A3, A2, A4 with all profits going to The African Maternity Link. Please please visit his website by clicking here and view these absolutely stunning images he has captured of one of the most raw, breathtaking and beautiful places in this world. If you wish to order you may do so through Robins website but please let us know so we can thank you personally for your contribution

Report on November 2016 follow up visits

The African Maternity Link

Sierra Leone- November 2016


This trip is planned as a feedback and evaluation follow up, concluding October’s workshops.

Whilst workshops are a great teaching tool here in Sierra Leone, bridging the gap between theory and practice and making sure our teachings are being implemented in the clinics and hospitals is an essential means to reducing the maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity rate.

Healthcare professionals who have attended our workshops we hope have cascaded their training to others in their unit. It is essential to visit the units to establish their support network, systems, and supervision and to assess what needs they have. Many small units may not have vital equipment needed, space or staff to facilitate midwifery to a basic standard. Many units have one midwife with healthcare assistants and students supporting them. Some have no midwife at all. These women do assist at deliveries and need to be taught a basic level of midwifery regarding obstetric emergencies and neonatal resuscitation.


Travelling personnel

Oli Jeacock- NHS midwife

Michelle Johnstone- NHS midwife


Aims of the trip

  • To follow up 16 units whom attended workshops in August and have not received follow up yet
  • To follow up units/maternity staff who have been identified as key link workers/mentors.
  • Deliver neonatal resuscitation training
  • Observe units availability of emergency equipment and designated neonatal resuscitation area
  • Attend meetings and liaising with other NGO organisations to plan future work, feedback on the programme enrolled currently and to establish any areas for improvement within our programme
  • Attain feedback from previous workshops and ascertain whether training has been cascaded.
  • Observe practice in chosen units if time allows
  • Discuss the use of the partogram and whether using it is making a difference as to whether small units refer in to PCMH sooner.

Please read our full report (including pictures) by clicking on the link below..

Furthermore, for abbreviations click on the link 🙂

Any questions then feel free to comment. Happy reading! Thank you for the ongoing support!